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It's Pippa here in North Yorkshire...one of my favourite places. I tried to choose a favourite recipe but it was too hard...I like food!

I follow Scrap Kitchen because there is so much in it; I love finding out about new plants/recipes, I'm challenged on my knowledge of climate change and all that entails - I have followed many of your links to discover more and makes me realise the gaps in my understanding of it all. I love that you write passionately about the things that concern you and in such a way that gets me to question what I thought I knew!

I want that variety to continue, one of the great things about Scrap Kitchen is that I never know what I'm going to find in it this time. I would be happy to collaborate - not sure what I can contribute as yet, but thinking about it. One thing I do think is important is that we should try and 'make more of less', that this shouldn't be seen as doing without - so many people seem to equate trying to make a difference as denying themselves or making life difficult. Not a big thing to change!!!!!

Well Magda that's my thoughts and I look forward to seeing how Scrap Kitchen will evolve

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