Scrap Kitchen Opens Up

It’s been a while. A month to be precise. In all honestly I thought I would take a week off, then I thought fuck it, I’ll take another. So here we are, four weeks later. None the the wiser but all the more rested.

Some part of me, the tired part, just wanted a weekend where I wasn’t frantically writing a piece about brambles I was 7000 miles to far away to eat. But the more mature part of me needed a larger change. I’m not sure if you have noticed but the Scrap Kitchens of late have been getting shorter and shorter, messier, less solid. They were pushed out in some great rush without me ask why the shit was I was even writing them. This hiatus has hopefully given me a little time to answer just that. The why.

I’m not one for excuses but the lack of computer has been a bit of a bitch. And the harvest season was taking it all out of me. But also, realistically, the purpose of this whole thing was lost. Not lost, but obscured. It turned from an outpouring of interest into a chore. From a gateway to food and connection into a rushed Sunday task.

Scrap Kitchen was dreamed up where all my best ideas occur, in the kitchen. A brain-child of the early part of 2021, between planning for the coming season and being unemployed. I knew I wanted to make something that would get people excited, about foraging, seed saving, food waste and the general climate chaos headed our way. Well, maybe not excited, but a little inspired. At it’s core, Scrap Kitchen is here to bring you weekly doses of the possible. To provide knowledge that should never be out of our reach; how to connect and cook with the natural world. And the last few one’s were just not cutting it.

So the plan is to return to that, to the hearth of this Newsletter. The connections forged, foraged and found. And with that I would love to hear more from you.

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Why you follow Scrap Kitchen?
What topics you would like covered in more detail?
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I can’t wait to start this conversation…

Stay Scrappy,