Scrap Kitchen won’t change the world. But it’s gonna fucking try.

The Scrap Kitchen community brings together plant-based activists, helping to create food sovereignty while learning from traditional practices and new ideas.

From mini permaculture lessons, foraging timetables, scrap recipes and ways to grow whatever seed you find, Scrap kitchen is breaking down the knowledge barriers between us and the natural world.

By reconnecting and restoring our relationship with the world around us we can find our place as stewards and protectors.

Drawing from indigenous knowledge (whose sources are always acknowledged, thanked and celebrated), traditional practices and sporadic science, this newsletter is for those looking to learn, explore and grow.

Published every Monday 9 am GMT.

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To get a taste, check out our popular post on Thistles and the coming Fire Season, or take a listen to my latest podcast appearance on The Catmaste Chronicles talking all about Climate Change/ Seed Saving/ Food Waste/ Poetry.

Can’t wait for you to join, stay scrappy.


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Bringing together plant-based activists to seed sovereign food systems one scrap at a time...


Poet, witch, messy bitch. 🌻🌱🍄 A weekly update as my partner and I start a farm in the UK (while we manage a farm in the US). With bonus bits on climate adaptation, seed keeping, DIY art and foraging... ✨